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You can report issues with the platform, client-reported issues, third party vendors or with internal systems using the Create Incident button below. We will respond as soon as possible. 


Report an Incident

An incident is an unexpected disruption to an OptimizeFT application. It disturbs the normal operation thus affecting the end-user’s ability to use the service. For example, an incident may be caused by a user flow that is not functioning properly or network issues.

Platform Management

A service request is an end-user reported issue relating to an OptimizeFT application. This might include requests relating to user authentication, missing deposits, missing information, enrollment issues and unable to activate card.

Submit a Service Request


A platform incident is a series of related or similar incidents with an unidentified root cause. While incident handling is usually a reactive process, platform management is more proactive. Incident resolution aims at restoring services quickly whereas platform management aims at finding a permanent solution to a known issue.

Report a Platform Incident


An enhancement is a modification to an existing OptimizeFT application or feature. This might include a new feature, user flow modification, or identified site optimization recommendations.

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